Ceramic clogs
Stoneware clay, Dry sky blue glaze. Plant matter texture. Size 3 UK.
Ghanaian Adinkra Symbol pods.
Stoneware clay. Hand size hollow sculpture.
Adinkra symbol head. Lfe size.
Stoneware clay. Cast face, Adinkra symbols as hair style,
Ceramic rings/small sculptures. B/w photo etching available.
Mono print. Night lights flattened. Silver ink o black tissue paper
Stoneware. Large sculpture, hollow rings.
Sculpture with thick dry sky blue glaze. Three doughnut shape on top surface,
Photo etching of feet, Ghanaian beach.
Stoneware clay. Hollow Hole figure. Ostrich egg cast.
Mono print. Silver texture from ceramic figure. Silver ink on black tissue paper.
Monoprint. Silver ink on black tissue. texture from Jewellery findings
Monoprint. Silver ink on black tissue. Silver jewellery pendant.
Stoneware clay. Ceramic brooches. Mirrors , symbols.
Photo etching of ceramic cowrie impressions. Chine colee
Hexagonal Solid silver rings. £150

Gallery 2