Corrine Edwards is a London based creative.
Ceramics. Jewellery. Printmaking. Video. Beekeeper. 


The Ceramics are reminiscent of Maritime Archeological finds, ancient mythological and ceremonial artefacts. Incorporating Ghanaian Adinkra textile symbols and iconic imagery, with a distinctive turquoise glaze emphasising textures and surface design.



The Contemporary Silver Jewellery.  

Brooches & Pendants: Long flattened Silver ovals and black circles plated with Ruthenium. On chain or coloured PVC tubing.

Precious metal clay (PMC) pendants, rings, earrings (studs, and drops)

Polished Silver and new oxidised work. 

Surface decoration created by casting textures. Each piece is unique and hand-made.

NEW Hexagonal jewellery. 


Silver hexagonal bangles and rings
Stoneware Adinkra Symbol pods